Communities & Events

We’d like to encourage Code Club volunteers to connect to each other on a local level to create supportive Code Club communities.

Two heads are better than one. If you are volunteer who would like some help running your Code Club or can offer help to someone else, then reach out to your local developer community.

Some communities have already started to do this on their own. Lots of communities have already organised their own meet ups and ‘Getting to know Scratch’ sessions. Excellent work!

Join in online

In order to get these mini communities off the ground we’ve set up a Google group (forum style) in each area in the UK so you can start talking to each other. Here you can organise your own local meet ups and say hello to each other. We have also set up a forum on the National STEM centre website. This is for general Code Club discussion rather than regional chats. Play nice!

Regional Google Groups STEM Centre Forum

Code Club in your local community

We encourage you to hold your own Code Club meet ups where ever you are in the country. We want to create an active Code Club community so get your local volunteers together and see how you can help each other out. Send us the details of your meet up and we'll put it up here and tweet it.

Create an event


Upcoming events

We do like a day out here at Code Club. You’ll find us at loads of events across the country.
We’ve listed them out below so you can come too. Yay!