Communities & Events

We’d like to encourage Code Club volunteers to connect to each other and create Code Club communities.

Two heads are better than one. If you are volunteer who would like some help getting started, running your Code Club or can offer help to someone else, then reach out to the community.

Lots of communities have already organised their own meet ups and ‘Getting to know Scratch’ sessions. Excellent work!

Join in online

We've set up Google groups (forum style) so you can start talking to each other. Here you can organise your own local meet ups and say hello to each other. We have also set up a general forum to ask questions about running a club. Play nice!

Google Groups

Code Club in your local community

We encourage you to hold your own Code Club meet ups where ever you are in the country. If you want arrange a local Code Club meetup to share tips, ideas and talk about running a club, send us the details here.

Create an event


Upcoming events

We do like a day out here at Code Club. You’ll find us at loads of events across the country.
We’ve listed them out below so you can come too. Yay!

  • Code Club Volunteer Meet Up: Manchester

    6 Jul 2015 at 7:00pm

    Join us for our 8th volunteer meetup in Manchester so that we can say thank you to our current volunteers and meet some new ones too.

    This time we're hosted by the amazing Manchester Creative Studio where we'll be reflecting on 2014/15, looking ahead to 2015/16 and eating pizza!


    Event type: Meet Up
    Region: North West

  • Code Club Meetup: Plymouth

    7 Jul 2015 at 6:00pm

    We're holding a meet-up in Plymouth at the central library to say thank you to our current volunteers and meet new ones!

    If you are already running or hosting a club then come along and say hello; or if you'd like to get involved then come along and find out more.

    Our South West Coordinator will also be there to help answers questions and show you how we role!

    This is a chance to meet the people involved in the other clubs so we can share resources and help each other. Come along and find out what it's like to run a Code Club, or what other Code Clubs have been doing.


    Event type: Meet-up
    Region: South-West

  • Code Club Volunteer Training: Sheffield

    13 Jul 2015 at 6:00pm

    Code Club is a nationwide network of after-school coding clubs for children. All our clubs are led by volunteers and this training is designed to give volunteers all the information they need before they start running a Code Club.

    The training will cover:
    What is Code Club?
    Volunteering with Code Club
    Working effectively with schools
    An introduction to Scratch & the Code Club projects

    Who is the training for?
    Anyone who is considering running a Code Club and would like some more information before they sign up
    Anyone who has signed up as a volunteer but has not yet started running a Code Club


    Event type: Training
    Region: North West

  • Code Club Meetup: Wells Library

    15 Jul 2015 at 12:30pm

    If you are thinking of vounteering at Wells or Shepton library or the wider Eastern Somerset area, please come along and listern to how you can get involved and talk first hand to both Phil and Seemah from Code Club.

    The purpose of this lunch time Meet-up is to:
    - Help you to find out what’s involved in starting a Code Club
    - Provide an overview of the training offered to volunteers
    - Offer an opportunity to speak to existing volunteers that currently run Code Clubs
    - Answer any questions that you may have about starting and running a club
    - Allow existing volunteers to network and share the great things they have done with their Clubs


    Event type: Meet-up
    Region: South West

  • Code Club Meetup: Coventry

    15 Jul 2015 at 6:00pm

    Come and find out more about Code Club, meet our volunteers and eat some food at the fantastic Urban Coffee at Fargo Village in Coventry on July 15th
    At the event:
    • find out what’s involved in starting a Code Club
    • get an overview of the training offered to volunteers
    • speak to existing volunteers and schools that currently run Code Clubs
    • receive help to match volunteers with schools looking to establish a code club
    • answer any questions that you may have about starting and running a club.
    • .... and eat cake!


    Region: West Midlands