Code Club Projects

The Code Club projects are step-by-step guides for learners to follow and create animations, games, websites, and much more.

Young people build up programming skills as they move through the projects in their club.

  • Projects introduce key programming concepts
  • Learners follow step-by-step instructions
  • Children create something different and original in each project
  • Activities encourage challenge-based learning

Code Club projects are freely available for anyone to use to start getting creative with code.

If you're using our projects to run a Code Club, you can register and activate your club online to access our full range of resources, benefits, and support.


Scratch is a graphical programming language which allows children to drag and combine code blocks to make a range of programs.

Scratch projects


HTML and CSS are languages for describing, structuring, and styling web pages.

HTML & CSS projects


Python is a widely used, text-based general-purpose programming language.

Python projects


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Using Scratch

Most Code Clubs start off using a simple programming language called Scratch, which was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT.

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