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Can your club help us grow the Code Club community?

What is a Star Club?

Star Clubs are Code Clubs committed to sharing their expertise to help grow the Code Club community:

  • Friendly volunteers who are ready to share their experiences and help you get started
  • Supportive and committed club hosts who believe in the value of computer science education
  • Children who are awesome digital makers

What do Star Clubs do?

As part of being a Star Club, they commit to:

  • Welcoming potential volunteers to their club sessions
  • Hosting occasional visits from VIPs and press
  • Contributing to Code Club blogs and Twitter chats
  • Offering their club space for volunteer training sessions
”The Star Club status means we can showcase our club and highlight the work of Code Club UK. Code Club is a great way for young people to learn how to read and write computer programs, doing so at their own pace and while having fun. We are looking forward to the future and the potential our young people face.”

Andrew McKirdy, CHESS Centre Star Club

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How do I apply for Star Club status?

At the moment we are not accepting Star Club applications. We'll be recruiting more Star Clubs in 2018.

The perks of being a Star Club

Clubs who achieve Star Club status receive:

  • A Star Club e-badge
  • A Star Club trophy for the club
  • A Code Club badge for each child in your club
  • Offers to take part in special events and activities with Code Club
  • Possible visits from VIPs and press

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