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Coding is a great way for children to develop valuable life skills such as logical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and problem solving. Code Club offers a fun and interactive way for children to build these skills, as well as engaging them in learning more about the technology they use every day.

Setting up a Code Club at your child’s school is a great way to contribute to the school community and learn some new skills too! You don't need to be a coder, or have any coding knowledge to run a Code Club.

Code Clubs run for one hour per week outside of school hours. The children work through our specially written projects, which are step by step guides to create animations, games and websites using a variety of coding languages.

As a parent volunteer, you would be there to help the children follow the project instructions, and gain digital skills for yourself along the way.

You can team up with other parents to run your Code Club, and a teacher from the school will be there to support you, so you can work together to run the sessions.

We also offer free training to help you prepare for running a club, and this is available online or in face to face sessions held across the country.

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How to set up a Code Club

  • Register yourself as a volunteer here.
  • Speak to a teacher at the school, or someone at the venue to make sure they are keen to run a Code Club.
  • Ask the school or venue to register as a ‘host’ on our website.
  • Ask the host to add you as a volunteer via the Code Club website, and meet with them to check your DBS and ensure you’re both ready to run the club. Instructions for hosts can be found here.

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Read what other parent volunteers have to say about Code Club

“I volunteer at my daughter’s primary school running their Code Club. It was easy to set up the club as I already had a connection with the school and knew the head teacher. I run it on an afternoon when I do school pick up, so it fits in nicely with work.”
- Geri Reid, Joan of Arc Primary School

“I love helping out at my children's school and I know that this has generated a lot of excitement for kids and parents alike which gives me a great feeling… It is time that parents became more confident in the digital sphere that our children so fearlessly parade around, so that we can better guide and protect them, but also inspire them, empower them, to be creator-makers.”
- Jasjit Kaur Atwal, Firfield Primary School

“Before helping at Code Club I knew very little about coding. Now I have the basic knowledge to be able to create games and animations using Scratch, with future opportunities of using other coding languages”
- Julie Sheppard, Widcombe Primary School

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Tell your school

Need to convince your school to start a Code Club? Get in touch with your school or head teacher.

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Join our Google group

Join the Code Club Google group. There you can get talking to other volunteers to find out useful tips and advice for running your club.

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Download Scratch at home now

Most Code Clubs get started using Scratch. Download Scratch for free now.

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