DIY Gamer Kits for Clubs

This year, thanks to $100,000 from the Google RISE program, Code Club are teaming up with our pals at Technology Will Save Us to offer an amazing opportunity to our clubs.

If you’re a Code Club volunteer who is continuing to run your club in September 2014 you can apply to receive Technology Will Save Us’ DIY Gamer Kits, which usually retail at £60 each, to build and program a games console during your club sessions for free (well, for the cost of postage and packing!)

We have 900 Kits to give away, and it’s first-come-first-served, so don’t delay in ordering yours today.

What is the DIY Gamer Kit?

The DIY Gamer Kit is a handheld games console that you can build yourself by soldering together 40 parts on a custom circuit board. Once the build is complete the console, controlled by Arduino, can be programmed to create exciting games.

Children in Code Clubs can be taught how to build their console and program it, using materials and videos that have been created especially for the project. Building and programming the DIY gamer kit requires no prior knowledge of electronics, soldering or programming. We think it’s suitable to do with kids that are new to Code Club or even those who are Scratch or Python pros

Take a look at the Project Materials

We will provide one gamer kit for every two children in your club, plus one for you to play with, up to a maximum of 11 kits. Soldering irons (enough for one between four), solder, a cutter and a solder sucker. It’s important that children wear goggles whilst soldering so your teacher can also order these if the school doesn’t have any.

Kits are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, with an allocation of kits only being guaranteed once postage has been paid. This offer is not available to home-schooled Code Clubs. Sorry!



How to get DIY Gamer Kits for your club

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Code Club account

  2. Complete the form below (If you are a volunteer who is also a teacher then please supply the email of the Head Teacher or another member of senior staff to verify and pay postage)

  3. The form will send an email to the teacher asking for permission to take part in the project and payment of postage costs (£20) + prompt them to order goggles if they are needed

  4. Personally follow up with your teacher: we know teachers are busy people so a friendly explanation of why you’d like the DIY Gamer Kits will be appreciated

  5. When they have given their permission and paid postage you will receive an email confirming this

  6. You will receive one DIY Gamer Kit for every two children plus an additional one for yourself to practice with over the summer holidays

  7. You can begin making and programming the DIY Gamer with your club in September!

Soldering with kids

Soldering with kids isn’t as crazy as it sounds (we’ve done it hundreds of times!), but to make sure it’s safe we are asking you to follow the steps below:

  1. There must always be at least one teacher present to support the kids with their making

  2. You must watch our learning to solder video with the children prior to soldering and make sure they understand the risks involved

  3. The school must follow their standard health and safety procedures (e.g. complete a risk assessment)

  4. The children must wear goggles at all times

You need to sign in before you can order DIY Gamer Kits for your club!